"Darkfloor" by Daniel Triana #1 on Popcuts.com

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Good News!!! Right now "Darkfloor" by Daniel Triana is the #1 song on popcuts's "Top Songs" Catagory.

Popcuts is a unique website and busines model that lets you the listener earn $$$ with your music collection. Here's a brief description:

POCUTS: The download is just the beginning.

This isn't that music mega-mall. This is a store that recognizes you for your taste. When the music you love does well, so do you.

Here's how it works:

  • Try some new music. Because there's lots of it here. Download some music. Because it's good. You don't need any other reason.
  • Check back at Popcuts. Because people will agree with your taste. And when someone buys Popcuts music that you already own, we give you a share.
  • You can get more than the 99 cents back. Buy more music with your store credit. Because you earned it. Artists still get paid.

Why give back to fans?
We understand that music isn't about just the mp3. Your taste and your relationship to music isn't about the 99 cents. We want to recognize fans for discovering great music and for energizing the music culture. It's just our way of saying "thanks!" It's also our way of saying "Go ahead, try some more music! It's on the house!"