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Jukebox: Daniel Triana

Welcome to the Jukebox. This is where we share the music of artists who have peaked our interest on both the local and international scene but are not yet household names.

Today’s Artist: Daniel Triana

How I Found Them:

For some reason it blows my mind that anyone or any band can still be creative after over two decades making music but that’s just what New Jersey born Daniel Triana is doing! I happened upon his particular brand of dark, cinematic Electro music via ReverbNation.

My Thoughts/Initial Impression:

I guess it’s the quirky Industrial flavor to his music that grips me, and the fact that one person can be responsible for the creation of music that immediately transports me to a world of action movie sequences and insane drama!

It’s little wonder that he cites Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Portishead and Massive Attack among others! Triana is quite the inspiration I gotta tell ya! Including a Gothic/Alternative band called Bellas Artes prior to his solo career, Triana has worked on many projects. He is definitely at the reigns only enlisting a few guest members when need be.

Reminds Me Of:

Depeche Mode, Front 242, Ladytron